The Origin of The Rodriguez Brothers 


It was the summer of 93. The place...... Waterville, Nova Scotia, Canada. The dropzone.......Atlantic School of Skydiving. 


Only four of us remained at the campfire, the rest had fallen prey to the effects of the Tequila and the long Canadian summer days. It suddenly became apparent that this was not going to be an ordinary summer. In the wee hours of the night, amidst the glow of a raging fire (created using wood from an overturned outhouse),  we shed our former identities. Standing on a stump, clenching the handle of a plastic sixty-six ounce Tequila bottle, I announced to all who would listen, "From this day forward, we will be known as the Rodriguez Brothers!" It was on that warm summers eve that we "the Elders," formed the brotherhood. The Elders consist of Pedro, Pepe, Julio, and Santos.


The Rodriguez Brothers are stronger than ever, our numbers continue to grow,  go to our online database to get to know our latest brethren. We know many others exist, however, without a birth certificate on our website, they will remain illegitimate. If you are one of these lost soles, email us a picture and the details and we'll take care of you. The Rodriguez Brothers believe that skydiving needs to be fun. We aren't serious, we aren't skygods. We exist to have fun, to make friends, and to share our philosophy with everyone we meet. How does one become a Rodriguez Brother? It's easy, just find another Rodriguez Brother and do a jump with that brother. Later that night, during the initiation ceremony, you must do a shot of Tequila with the brother you jumped with. We recommend body shots as they have proven to be the most entertaining. After the shot has taken place, the initiating brother will issue you your Rodriguez Brothers name (we don't have sisters - just bumpy brothers), take your picture and get some info from you for our website. From that point forward, you will be known by your Rodriguez Brother name. It's that simple, relatively painless and will instantly make you part of a large worldwide family. Many times, I've arrived at a new DZ only to discover that I have several brothers there. It's nice to have family everywhere you go.


Our home DZ is currently in Chester, S.C.


We try to get to as many boogies as we can and are probably best known for our presence at the World Freefall Convention. If you ask around your DZ you just might find you are in the midst of a brother or two. You never know where we'll pop up.


El Presidente - Pepe Rodriguez


Vice Presidente - Burrito Rodriguez