The following videos are provided for those of you who did not make it to the boogie, or just didn't get enough at the boogie. Note that most of these files are large and are best tackled with a broadband (Cable/DSL) connection. If you are having trouble playing them, "right click" the link and choose "Save Target As" to download a local copy for review after downloading.

 For those of you with slower connections, the entire compilation of the video contest entries is available on CD or VCD if you have a  DVD player that supports the VCD format for $5, this includes shipping/handling. Enjoy!


1st Ever Rodriguez Brothers Boogie - March 2001

"Official" Boogie Video (Presently Offline)

Video Contest Entry: "The Real Story" (98mb - MPEG)

Video Contest Entry: "Carumba Learns to Skydive" (142mb -MPEG)

Cinco de Mayo Boogie - May 2002

"Official" Boogie Video (78mb - Windows Media)
Video Contest Entry: "Hot by Nature" (75mb - MPEG)
Video Contest Entry: "A Beautiful Day" (128mb - MPEG)

Mexican BASE - Courtesy of Pelotas Fuego

 "BASE by Blair Yo!" ( 25mb - Windows Media)